Have you thought about how you are adding value in your job? Often we come to our jobs with a sense of “getting” instead of “giving”. To get value, we need to add value. Understanding HOW you can add value is a huge part of career management, success, deeper reward and leads to negotiating points in an interview...just saying. 

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Have you been writing down your accomplishments? #promotion Keeping track of our accomplishments saves valuable time when it comes to applying for a promotion or when we are in work search and have to do the resume scramble for job postings. Keep a running list in a Word document. You can later refine them to accomplishment stories or action/result statements. #careermanagement.

What do you do well? Often we take our abilities and talents for granted because they come naturally to us. #unconsciouscompetence. These abilities often are not communicated well in interviews but are truly a gold mine of information. What do you take for granted about yourself?

Do you have numbers in your resume? Numbers quantify your actions. What have you increased, decreased, reduced or gained? Numbers read quickly and speak loudly. What numbers can you add? #resume

Are you frustrated with online applications? 80-85% of jobs are never advertised  and are found through the hidden job market. Your network and warm leads are the best way to tap into the hidden job market. With a focused and well-planned networking strategy, you will increase your chances of landing an interview, or meeting people that you can help with your skills and experience.

Have you been researching growing trends in your industry? We are often so busy doing our jobs, we forget to stay on top of upcoming trends and changes. Forecasting is part of wise career management.

Have you identified the value that you can add to your employer? Skill/benefit statements don't stop in the interview. This way of thinking should continue after you get your job. #careermanagement

Are you experiencing a massive challenge at work? When we face big obstacles, difficult people, extreme deadlines, digging deep to remember our purpose can give us the compass we need to navigate through choppy waters. What is the compass  in your storm? #workpurpose