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Career services that help you find the work you love and thrive in an evolving workplace.

“I got a job! I’m so grateful for your help on my resume. I was told during my interview that it was very clear what my skills were! Your advice on networking also helped me get this job...so thank you for your help. I already have a word document saved on my computer to keep track of my new accomplishments and skills in this position if/when I have to write up a new resume.”

— Deidra, Genomics Lab Manager

We help you find the work you love, build resilient careers and pivot in a changing world of work. We coach, facilitate and consult helping independent workers such as freelancers, consultants and contractors design their careers. We coach portfolio careerists helping them create multiple income streams and we support job seekers and career changers in their search for that new opportunity. We strive to make a difference Through innovative strategies and rich knowledge of workforce trends.

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Create the “why” to why we like to get up everyday


Make a difference in the relationships we build


Adjust and pivot as change occurs


Encourage new ideas and creative ways to work


Strive to creatively work together


Current and innovative ways of building careers


Designing resilient careers that can withstand change


We love what we do so we're happy people to work with


Pivot and Prepare for the evolving work world



Career Corner 

Career Corner has coaching packages designed to help you strategize your career and work search goals. If you are a job seeker or career changer, we help you modernize your work search, optimize your resume and kill the interview. If you are an independent worker, or a portfolio careerist, we have packages that get you focused and branded with strategy that works to find opportunities. Once you are my client, you can become part of my CAREER CORNER Newsletter and Purposeful Careers School with a video series that provides you with exclusive CAREERTIPS equipping you with additional tips and strategies that help you build your career.


Speaking Topics and Workshops  

I love to share what I’ve learned. I’ve created a career that people want to learn more about. My speaking and training sessions centre on the topic of creating independent and portfolio careers, the changing workforce and creating purpose in our careers. My speaking and training sessions have been used as professional development, lunch and learn opportunities and Keynotes. I love what I do and I want to inspire others to love what they do too!


Retirement Kickstart

All great careers come to an end. Or, do they? Retirement is rich with opportunity and purpose. Did you know that many people are rethinking what retirement looks like? Perhaps, you want to design an independent career built on consulting, contracting or freelance work? Possibly, you would like to create an income streaming retirement based on passive income? Or, maybe you would like to retire around a passion or mission? Are you undecided? I love helping my clients explore their options and how they want to spend their valuable time.


Gail Kastning, B.Ed, CCS

I love what I do and I want others to love what they do too. I am a portfolio careerist and independent worker who has pivoted throughout my career with an income streaming approach. I’m a highly versatile and fluid worker who has moved between traditional, non-traditional and entrepreneurial opportunities dependent upon the lifestyle I want to create.

I love to work with job seekers and career changers who are looking for a salaried opportunity and independent workers like myself who are designing portfolio careers. My purpose is to effectively equip my clients to thrive in an evolving workplace and build resilient careers. My clients keep coming back because we support you for the life of your career helping you pivot, adjust and create a career that works for you at different stages of your life so you can continue to make a difference and love what you do..

My Company’s Specialty? We’re confident in our current and innovative ways of looking for work because I’m an out of the box worker and, although we’re talented at supporting you or your clients in their search for a traditional job, we’re experts at working unconventionally. I specialize in helping my clients prepare for and explore the contingent workforce, craft income streaming careers and design work lives that are built on contracting, consulting or freelancing opportunities. I strive to build resilient careers that can weather a changing world of work.

Our Interactions? We're nimble. We adjust and pivot as change occurs creating flexibility in our interactions. If you come to me searching for a permanent, full-time job and the next day you get offered work as a contractor, I can help you with that too.

We encourage new ideas and innovative ways to work and I LOVE to collaborate. In fact, I thrive on working together to find the right fit, the solution to your challenges and the strategy that works.

Our Initiatives? Because connecting and collaborating are a joy for me, I also support career organizations in the professional development of their staff. I love initiatives that equip Career Professional or initiatives that bridge clients to opportunities. My company gets huge satisfaction from working with organizations and companies as a subject matter expert and consultant. We want people to be the best they can be and we want to get people working.

Almost forgot...We enjoy our work so we tend to be happy people to work with!