Fitting into an Agile Workforce

Keynote Presentation

Did you know that the temporary, on-demand workforce is growing? By 2025, 40% of the Canadian workforce will be on-demand. In this Keynote, you will learn why employers are leveraging a temporary, on-demand labour pool and how temporary workers, contractors, freelancers, consultants and portfolio careerists are growing globally as a result. How can we prepare for this rapid growth and become resilient in this changing world of work?

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Bring Your Purpose to Work


Why does purpose trump passion when it comes to our work? I know the “why” of why I get up in the morning. A sense of purpose carries us through the storms of our work lives and brings us to the center of what is important to us and what truly matters in the work we do. Not all tasks are fun. Not all parts of our jobs will be a perfect fit. This is why leading our work lives with a sense of purpose will often bring us closer to job joy and career satisfaction. Purpose has us work from the inside out.

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Fitting into an On-Demand Workforce

Lunch and Learn 

Build awareness of the gig economy and on-demand workforce in this hour and a half workshop. This workshop pulls together the main information your organizations needs to know. With ready to use resources and materials that you can immediately embed into your current programming, you can get your clients up to speed immediately!

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The On-Demand Workforce Certificate Course

OnLINE Course

As Career Professionals, our biggest concern is supporting our clients through an evolving workplace with current information and effective tools. In just 6 years, Canada’s workforce will be 40% contingent. We understand how hard it is to keep up to the changes in the workforce, so at our Purposeful Careers online school, we've created online training option to help career practitioners get up to speed with the temporary, on-demand workforce as quickly as the world of work is changing!

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