I got a job! I’m so grateful for your help on my resume. I was told during my interview that it was very clear what my skills were! Your advice on networking also helped me get this job...so thank you for your help. I already have a word document saved on my computer to keep track of my new accomplishments and skills in this position if/when I have to write up a new resume.
— Deidra, Genomics Lab Manager
We hired Gail Kastning to present to our team of career psychologists on the growing trend of agility in today’s workplaces, and what we need to know in working with our clients. In our Calgary and Canada Career Counselling practices, we have experienced a growing number of clients who are moving into contracting versus employment positions. Gail is a true expert when it comes to the many ways in which the workforce requires more agility, and how people now need to understand this in terms of their own career planning. A skilled and engaging facilitator, Gail brings in the latest labour market statistics, as well as examples from her own clients and organizations she’s worked with. Our team found this session very valuable, and we’d highly recommend Gail to any group who would benefit from learning about this timely and important topic.
— Dr. Laura Hambley Founder, Calgary and Canada Career Counselling
Thank you very much for sharing your expertise and insights during the work search course. You helped me see my career path in a different way, which I believe will help me find work that will be rewarding and meaningful.
— Mike, Piping Designer
I was born an employee. I always knew that being a business woman was not for me, and with that mindset I attended one of Gail’s sessions. It was there that I first heard about portfolio careers and never looked back. It gave me the opportunity to explore my best skills, polish them even more, and use them to shape my dream lifestyle combining a part-time job with entrepreneurial projects. It is a journey of discovery and transformation, just like life itself.
— Mariana Ghio, Science Instructor
Gail was fabulous. She has endless knowledge that she is willing to share. She presented the information in an easy/understandable manner.
— Career Planning Workshop participant
Gail is a gem, and provided so much more than I could have asked for! In 2 sessions, she has made me 200% more marketable in job search.
— Client in Job Search Coaching, Calgary
Excellent! Extremely helpful, informative and practical coaching. Thank you :)
— Participant Career Planning Workshop, Calgary
This lady made this workshop very interesting by teaching me some valuable tips for my job search as well as some good ideas about my future career options. Greatly appreciated.
— Participant in Job Search Workshop, Calgary
Gail was very knowledgeable & personable and delivered the material in a very real life way. Her diverse background allows her to draw on many different situations to explain concepts in a very understandable way.
— Participant in a Job Search Workshop, Calgary
Well balanced presentation and participant participation
— Participant Career Planning Workshop, Calgary
Great job combating questions from different individuals in different industries.
— Participant in Job Search Workshop, Calgary
Super class. Got great guidance, listened and answered very informatively. Thank you for being a great coach.
— Participant in Job Search Coaching, Calgary
Excellent presentation skills, direct but friendly. Open to interact with questions, answers and comments. Useful exercises and tips.
— Workplace Communication, YW participant