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Modernize Your Resume

coaching session

Your resume has 10-30 seconds to grab attention or get through an Applicant Tracking System. That’s why I love teaching my clients how to modernize their resume for online applications and the recruiter “skim” because I save them wasted time writing resumes that will never be seen. With specific strategy and techniques, your resume will get noticed. I will teach you the art of content alignment so you can effectively align your career story to the job posting or have your resume become a supporting document to your networking.

Coaching Packages start at $249.00

An “I Killed It” Interview

coaching session

The skills you will learn in this session will last you a lifetime because I want my clients to unearth what makes them unique. I have interviewed hundreds of potential candidates and I’m going to teach you the art of interview preparation. In this coaching session, I will train you how to create content and how to align your key skills, accomplishments and stories with the role you are seeking so you become an irresistible fit for the job. I have a knack for unearthing what differentiates you from your competitors and I will train you how to take that uniqueness and weave it through your interview so you will be remembered.

Do you want to negotiate well? Crazy questions! Who doesn’t? I also have an additional coaching session that trains you in the art of negotiation. When you are a smart negotiator, you create more options for your future. Investing in coaching pays.

Interview Packages start at $325.00.

Optimize Your Work Search 

coaching session

Time is money when it comes to work search and when 80% of opportunities are hidden, finding them takes strategy. I love teaching the art of finding great opportunities. I have helped hundreds of job seekers optimize their work search over the years from training how employers prefer to hire to providing easy to implement strategies that work to build your skills.

Coaching Packages start at $375.00

Independent Work

coaching session

If you have interest in contracting, consulting or freelance work, we can help you get set up and begin planning how to find your first client. Building an independent career takes time, patience and strategy. It doesn’t happen overnight but with a plan, solid research and relationship building, it is possible.

Coaching Packages start at $375.00


Portfolio Career Exploration

Workshop or Coaching session

Are you interested in creating a work lifestyle that you love? Do you want to augment your income? Learn how to income steam through combining full-time, part-time, freelance, contract, project based or entrepreneurial work. In this workshop or coaching session, I will help you or your clients explore, create strategy and learn tips on how to manage a portfolio career so you have the freedom to work the way you want and create the lifestyle you envision.

Coaching Packages start at $375.00

Design Your Mantra

Workshop or coaching session

Knowing how to personally brand yourself and communicate your purpose and how it aligns with your career target is key to a successful, long-term career. Excavate meaning, define your added value and create a purpose-driven statement that becomes your compass in your career, work search, resume, interviews, and LinkedIn account.

Coaching Package starts at $249.00