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Making Sense of an Agile Workforce

Learning the language of the gig economy, agile and contingent workforce helps us navigate our careers.

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Self-Employment - Benefits and Challenges

Self-employment seems to be in the air! I have recently been meeting self-employed portfolio careerists who are working as solopreneurs or entrepreneurs, income streaming from various entrepreneurial ventures. I am so intrigued by their work lives that I have decided to spend the next few months covering self-employed solopreneurs like Kym Keith (recent June article) and Brad Hussey (future August article) who work on their own providing a service or selling a product without hiring staff. They are flying solo in their business and are streaming income from multiple directions.

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Multiple Contracts - Kym Keith

Kym Keith is a self-employed, portfolio careerist with a newly launched business called Stillwater Workplace Training that provides life skills and workplace training, instructional design and technical writing. With the recent launch of her business, Kym is streaming income from primarily freelance workshop design and delivery for First Nations. She prepares each workshop according to client needs then delivers it on site. Kym’s ability to custom tailor her workshops to suit the needs of the students is what she believes is the key to her success. She loves to create hands-on, relationship building activities that students can easily apply to life.

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