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Serial Entrepreneur - Ryan Corry

Ryan’s entrepreneurial portfolio career began while he was playing NCAA hockey for Plattsburgh State University in New York State. As a project during his senior year in university, he had to create an event to generate income. “I organized a large American Pie style party and hosted it at an open-air pub with about 700 people in attendance. I made a profit and crushed everyone in my class!” He said with a smile. This was the beginning of Ryan’s entrepreneurial juggling act.

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Self-Employment - Benefits and Challenges

Self-employment seems to be in the air! I have recently been meeting self-employed portfolio careerists who are working as solopreneurs or entrepreneurs, income streaming from various entrepreneurial ventures. I am so intrigued by their work lives that I have decided to spend the next few months covering self-employed solopreneurs like Kym Keith (recent June article) and Brad Hussey (future August article) who work on their own providing a service or selling a product without hiring staff. They are flying solo in their business and are streaming income from multiple directions.

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